Ch Ch Changes

It’s a new year and we’ve seen some very exciting changes around Anytime. Even though Sam isn’t a stranger to most of us, we’d like to officially welcome her to office life… and thank her for her candy basket! I’m sure you’ve seen a few new faces around the shop(s). The next time you see Eric, Jon or Alex around make sure to say hello and help them out if they need it. We are looking to ramp up our staff, so expect to see several new faces these next couple of weeks.

We have a new office! After working out of coffee shops, meeting rooms and our homes, we have nailed down a pretty damn nice office on 3rd St. on the north side of Ebeneezer’s. If you come to the office please be respectful of our neighbors that are also tenants of the building.

Looking ahead, we are trying to meet with everyone of you on a one on one basis to communicate company policy changes as well as get your feedback on what’s going good and where opportunities can be explored. If we haven’t met with you yet, please be thinking of areas where we can improve. We appreciate your opinions and will not fall on deaf ears. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to Anytime!

Oh yeah one more thing, hello Daisy!


Holiday Incentive

This is the second to last week for the Holiday Incentive! Remember the Incentive contest ends on the 15th to earn $500! Here is where everyone stands as of the 10th:

Nick 63%                     Josh 47%

Brent 72%                   Chris 53%

Joe 74%                       Perry 33%

Matt 60%                     Jeff 20%

Cody 70%                    Marvin 38%


It’s coming down to the wire! Remember the Incentive contest ends on the 15th to earn $500! Here is where everyone stands as of the 3rd:

Joey 64%

Nick 63%                     Josh 42%

Brent 75%                   Chris 53%

Joe 77%                       Perry 32%

Matt 52%                     Jeff 16%

Cody 71%                    Marvin 38%

Holiday Incentive

11/20 – 11/26

Joey 64%

Nick 62%                     Josh 37%

Brent 73%                   Chris 47%

Joe 79%                       Perry 32%

Matt 59%                     Jeff 16%

Cody 65%                    Marvin 38%


11/13 – 11/19          

Joey 64%

Nick 62%                     Josh 40%

Brent 80%                   Chris 50%

Joe 88%                       Perry 32%

Matt 63%                     Jeff 16%

Cody 74%                    Marvin 38%


11/6 – 11/12

Hollywood 23%           Joey 70%

Nick 62%                     Josh 44%

Brent 80%                   Chris 56%

Joe 88%                       Perry 29%

Matt 63%                     Jeff 17%

Cody 82%                    Marvin 31%

Holiday Incentive Stats

10/30 – 11/05

Hollywood 21%           Joey 78%

Nick 63%                     Josh 75%

Brent 77%                   Chris 67%

Joe 86%                       Perry 29%

Matt 69%                     Jeff 22%

Cody 82%                    Marvin 28%



Hello everyone and welcome to our Important Information page. Here you will be able to track results of your Holiday Incentive, important goings on in the company and events we might be having. Check back often for important updates!

P.S. Don’t be this guy, ever!