Happy New Year + 8!!

This year we are going to blow away our last years stats. I appreciate each of you for your hard work and having to endure these insane ND conditions. If I can help you with anything or you need something my door is always open.

I wanted to also make you aware that the calendar is being looked into to try to make it a little more smartphone friendly. If you need to look at the next month or further months touch on the pixelated mess on the very bottom of the screen. I think list view or week view is the easiest to view who is off.

Oh and hey, keep being awesome!


Day 16

Congrats Shannon!you-cant-even-pre-order-the-new-ipad-air-right-now-apple-says-its-currently-unavailable

Day 15

Congrats Arnie! 

Day 13

Congrats Dan!Screen-Shot-2013-10-01-at-10.40.39

Day 12

Congrats Zeke!

Day 10

Congrats to Michael!


Day 9

Congrats Jon!!


Day 8

Congrats Cliff!!